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holy I’m gonna try this





Star Trek hasn’t even been around 50 years, and we already have communicators, tablets, computers and AI that nearly rival those on Starfleet ships, and so many more pieces of technology, not to mention people interested in STEM fields, as a DIRECT result of Trek

Imagine where another 48 years will take us

maybe we’ll get actual starfleet

Not unless we start voting for politicians which will fund us


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me being touched by people who aren’t my friends 


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i love this because it’s so iconic
they just look so much like the ‘characters’ of the era, and the shitty quality of the photo gives such a raw edge to the otherwise highly stylized aesthetic of ‘revenge’
they’re young and it shows, i just love it
  • Aries: They tend to come off as 'masculine'. Assertive. Short tempered. Thinks they're everyone's boss.
  • Taurus: They are like still waters. Calm and steady. They don't really want to share their food with you, don't even try it.
  • Gemini: Quick witted. Natural storytellers. If they smile a lot, they probably hate you.
  • Cancer: Caring. Always worrying about you despite themselves. Probably should be on drugs.
  • Leo: Natural hosts. Treats everyone like they're best friends. Only do it because they know a king is nothing without their people.
  • Virgo: Analytical. Tend to be intellectually conceited. They'll offer to help you and then complain about it. If you do something about it, they'll complain even more.
  • Libra: Charm overload. Peacekeepers. Always on everyone's side. Gossip masters. Would self destruct rather than make a decision.
  • Scorpio: Quiet power. Hard to figure out. Fucks up shit for fun. They laugh at your distress and your inability to figure out they did it.
  • Sagittarius: The life of the party. Blunt honesty. Talks shit then forgets about it 0.5 seconds later. Not suitable for fragile egos. They have a fragile ego.
  • Capricorn: Stern. Probably your math teacher. Type of humor that you are always left wondering if you were the joke. Works harder than you could ever.
  • Aquarius: Weird and contradicting. Believes in conspiracy theories. Probably gets turned off if more than one person likes the same thing they do.
  • Pisces: Imaginative. Altruistic. Martyr complex. Spends 90% of the time daydreaming. Probably on drugs or at least look like it. Hobo chic. Probably crying right now.

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